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As Google for Education tools enter classrooms across Canada, some parents are asking to opt-out60 million students and teachers around the world are using Google for Education products. Episode 401On this special episode of Spark, we’re looking at how Google for Education is being used in classrooms across Canada. Spark is looking at Google’s role in Canadian schools — and we want your help. Spark is interested in how Google is marketing itself alex tapscott bitcoin stock schools, affecting how classrooms work, impacting students’ privacy, and how it’s shaping the way children think about technology.

Episode 400Looking back at the stories Spark has covered over 400 episodes. FBI warns of malware on routers. From QR codes to Facebook’s early days: A tech time warp for Spark 400Which tech stories from the past 11 years stood the test of time, and which missed the mark? Spark your memory with a list of the show’s most memorable conversations.

Can a router reboot really fight off Russian hackers? Amy Nordrum, a Science journalist with IEEE Spectrum, explains the vulnerabilities of a router, and how to securely maintain one. Can we design our own rituals from scratch? Kursat Ozenc believes there’s a desire for spiritual traditions tailored to individual needs.

So he helped create the Ritual Design Lab which operates both a hotline, and the Idea Pop app to provide personalized rituals for clients and inspire new traditions. Monopolies have been broken up before. Is it time to do the same with Facebook? Episode 399Do giant tech companies like Facebook need to be broken up? Vast majority of twitter users retweet rumours without question. Why the “information age” is now the “reputation age”. Science weighs in on how to end a sentence.

Why the “information age” is now the “reputation age”You can’t check every fact. Can you trust Twitter in a crisis? 398Why AI needs to identify itself. CGI celebrities are courting followers—and controversy. Breaking down the walls of the traditional museum. New technology allows Holocaust survivors to answer the questions of future generations.