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Bitcoin makes it possible to send money around the amir chetrit bitcoin value with no fees, banks or governments required. Buterin, now 23, has upped the ante envisioning a way to apply that idea to everything else and usher in Web 3. A small group gathered at Pauper’s Pub in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood on a Saturday afternoon in November 2012 to talk about Bitcoin.

Anthony Di Iorio, now a well-known serial entrepreneur, had organized the get-together, having recently heard the gospel about the then-little-known cryptocurrency and become a convert. Di Iorio created the event on the site Meetup. This will be the first Bitcoin meetup in Toronto. Let’s just get together and see what happens. A handful of people he had never met signed up. One pale and gangly attendee said no thank you to the beer, pub food and most social interaction.

His name was Vitalik Buterin and he was a first-year student at the University of Waterloo in southwestern Ontario, where he was studying computer science. Turns out, Buterin wasn’t your average shy teen computer whiz. The year before with a friend from Romania, he had founded the print publication Bitcoin Magazine. Buterin was building a name for himself among the cryptocurrency community. A few months after that gathering in Toronto, he dropped out of university to travel the world and write for the magazine full time.