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India during the early Mughal period. This note aims to expand on this. Antal fekete bitcoin do we find the ‘grain mass,’ from which silver coins such as the rupee or dollar, are demarcated?

This note is the beginning of an examination of that assumption. Is it possible to get insights into this question? Peter van Coppenolle and Sandeep Jaitly. What happens when someone moves wheat from Paris to Bordeaux? What can we learn from that in today’s context with the nonsense of monetary fiat? Claudio Grass interviews Professor Antal E.

Fekete, it is a pleasure to have this opportunity to talk to you. Adam Smith which we shall get into later. I have been a lifelong student of gold money which led me to Austrian economics. However, I find that the writings by Austrian authors such as Hayek and Mises on gold somehow deviated from Carl Menger’s basic idea of marketability of goods in favor of the Quantity Theory of Money. For this reason, I find they did not address the nexus between gold and interest. In an article you published last year you accused the United States of fraudulently defaulting on its international obligations payable in gold.

Could you tell us more about this story? There were two instances of default, one in 1933 under a Democratic president and again one in 1971 under a Republican president. Both were fraudulent in the sense that the U. Treasury did possess the gold in question that should have been paid out to meet claims. In particular, in 1933 the U. As a result, people were denied the facility of converting income into wealth and vice versa through buying and selling gold bonds. Let’s talk about this in more detail after discussing the polarity among U.