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Avalon 6 asic bitcoin

The Bitfury Group develops and delivers both the software and the hardware solutions necessary for businesses, governments, organizations and individuals to securely move an asset avalon 6 asic bitcoin the Blockchain. Naturally it didn’t take long for the news to reach the rest of the USI-Tech affiliate-base, who promptly began spreading it all over the internet. USI Tech doesn’t sign any contracts with Bitfury, contact are fake. This is officially confirmed from Bitfury side.

USI-Tech owner Horst Jicha on stage. Bitcoin mining units that has the scale of a full-size data center, allowing for easy access to the Bitcoin network. USI-Tech’s VIP affiliates applaud Jicha’s announcement. And this is a long-term contract, we can renew it every six months. Likely in an attempt to remove evidence of Horst Jicha’s lies, the video referenced in the last update has since been deleted. Try to check edit history on their Facebook page, or here is still copy Youtube prof of fake annoncment: youtu. Wow, the CIO of Bitfury is here with us confirming that USI-Tech lied about this shit!

It is time for the authorities to slam this scam shut! I bet it was just an agreement at first, rather than a signed contract. Bitfury probably doesn’t want the world to know as it woould have annoyed the companies that got declined. Also usi-tech never claimed they registered with sec, just that a u.

It was only over-hyped affilliates that claimed this. EVENT will be held on October 28,2017! Location of the event: SOFITEL LONDON HOTEL, at HEATHROW LONDON! COO horst jicha lying about a contract with bitfury, i think bitfury should expose them via a press release. 70 million to purchase mining hardware from Bitfury, one of the worlds top 3 miners that has already mined over 500,000 bitcoin. Our goal is to become the worlds largest miner in the MLM world! This deal is NOT available to any other company.

In fact our goal is to be the largest and most significant cryptocurrency MLM in the world! Best lawyers in the USA are working on the legal structure of the company. SEC registration before selling this stuff. 70m which they intend to buy from you ? Yeah, I’m sure it’s that and not the fact USI-Tech is a Ponzi scam. In order to not hurt the feelings of companies who aren’t its customers, and whom it has no reason to care about whatsoever. I’m quite intrigued by all this.

ROI daily is too hard for me to believe it’s legit. BUT, i have to ask, why would the owners put themselves out there like this if it is a scam? I mean if it is a scam they’d have to be some of the biggest psychopaths the world has to offer. Also wouldn’t they be arrested when it does go belly up for fraud?

I just can’t understand if it is a scam why are they making themselves so public? Horst was confused on who manufactures the equipment that they contracted to purchase. The USI sales reps have violated their NDA by posting that video. There will be an official announcement at the USI London event. Europe doesn’t have the best track record for arresting Ponzi scammers, unless it’s well after the fact.