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Biotron limited bitcoin

Biotron Partners With Medical Data Company Diagnose. This partnership will capitalize on Biotron’s strength biotron limited bitcoin data collection and analytics, and couple it with Diagnose.

Biotron’s mission is to solve real-life problems using high-quality data and the expertise and experience that Diagnose. They will have complete control over the data and how it is used and be reimbursed each time their personal information assists research and development in the medical industry. Health records around the world are currently stored by a multitude of medical institutions and data companies, and while this information is sometimes shared, it is limited and problematic. Issues regarding privacy and accessibility make combining and analyzing data from multiple sources difficult.

As a result, vital information that could contribute to health research greatly lies dormant. Privacy for patients is paramount within the healthcare industry. Though necessary, privacy implications severely limit the access medical professionals and researchers have to personal records. Accessing information requires express consent, which can be difficult to get, especially in the vast quantities needed for meaningful research. Biotron’s analytics platform solves the problems surrounding access to medical information.

It gives physicians and researchers a resource of health data that comes directly from the people that produce it. Biotron users contribute and upload first-hand information that is timely, accurate and comprehensive. This information is then prepared for sale to customers in the healthcare industry. Privacy implications, usually associated with the use of medical records are solved, thanks to the opt-in nature of the Biotron platform. Users who produce the data, choose to share it via an app or dashboard, in return for payment.

This consent can be revoked at any time and is fully GDPR compliant. All information is pseudonymized when necessary so it cannot be attributed to an individual. Blockchain technology is used to ensure that the people producing and offering the data are all paid for contributing their health information. It facilitates the transactions between the customers and the many data contributors. In the first phase of the relationship, Biotron will create an infrastructure for a shared environment and make sure that all records are stored securely and that the legal framework is in place.