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To bring you the best content on our sites and applications, Meredith partners with third party advertisers to serve digital ads, including personalized digital ads. Those advertisers bitcoin 234 tracking technologies to collect information about your activity on our sites and applications and across the Internet and your other apps and devices. In fact, we already know that U. Well, since the real victims going back to the 1970’s when the War on Drugs was instituted by President Richard Nixon have been the millions of Americans incarcerated for victimless crimes, and the billions of dollars seized without a trial in what is known as Civil Forfeiture, then it is fairly obvious who these wars were really focused against.

11, the ability of Americans to do as they please with their own money has been stymied in the government’s attempt to monitor and regulate every single transaction individuals choose to conduct. You can probably already guess its contents. Now they’ve gone so far to include prepaid mobile phones, retail gift vouchers, or even electronic coupons. If not, they’re authorizing themselves in this bill to seize not just the money you didn’t report, but ALL of your assets and bank accounts.

More and more big brother, gets worse all the time. But we continue to elect someone from the two party system that always wants to increase government. We must abandon the use of the private bank’s debt instruments as our medium of exchange and return the honest weights and measures and silver bullion in Troy ounce weight denominations of specie. Don’t they alread have the form to fill out at U.

Customs if you have more than 10K in cash? Kathleen if you go withdraw more than 10,000 out of an account they do fill out a form regarding the money so it gets reported. However there’s nothing to say you can’t go withdraw 5,000 one day and 5,000 another. If you pay taxes all of your income is getting repored anyways and I know several people who go and pull their paY check money out of bank accounts they don’t believe in using banking systems. Its been a few years since i worked for one of the largest banks in the country there is a form to be filled out if anything over 3500 is withdrawn. Russia looks better than being in the US. I wonder, does Russia spray their citizens with chemtrails?

Does Russia put lead or arsenic in their vaccines? Does Russia have radiation washing up on their shores that the US media will never talk about while untold numbers of Americans die from radiation exposure compliments of Fukashima? In any case, we keep on electing somebody from the two party framework that dependably needs to build government. Costa del Sol areas people should not smoke in, eg.