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A man feeds money into a bitcoin ATM in New York. The digital currency has surged in recent weeks, prompting fears of a bubble in the making, but that has bitcoin buzz feeds deterred a number of Dubai-based entrepreneurs investing in the digital currency.

LONDON: The lightbulb clicked in Ibrahim Barbour’s mind last winter. The more he learned, the more certain he became that bitcoin was a worthy investment. You’re in complete control of what you own, there is a limited supply of it so you can’t just print your way out of it like a government, and its value had been increasing for a while. Barbour joined a growing number of people across the Middle East and throughout the world who believe that digital currencies like bitcoin are as good — or better — than cash backed by a central bank. 16,000 at the end of last week. The spike in bitcoin prices has set the world of currency investing abuzz, and the Middle East is no exception.

While funds across the region seem to be hedging their bets for the moment, a growing number of individuals like Barbour have joined the bitcoin rush, with many trying to hop on the fast-moving train. Like Barbour, Alsehli had grown disillusioned by the way traditional currencies were valued. When, following the financial crisis of 2008, a mysterious person or entity known as Satoshi Nakamoto developed a digital currency backed not by a central bank’s guarantee but by the trust of the user community, Alsehli grew curious. The bitcoin cycle starts with miners: Individuals use computers with high processing power to execute complex mathematical equations.

Those calculations are used to verify the authenticity of transactions across the bitcoin network. As payment for their services, miners receive their welcome reward: bitcoin, which today is worth ten times more than gold. Despite its meteoric rise, Alsehli said the technology is still in an early adoption phase, and still resides in the realm of esoterica for most people he speaks to. If you ask somebody on the street how to buy a bitcoin, they don’t know. But new developments, including the first sale of bitcoin futures this weekend, mean that the currency is moving ever further into the mainstream.