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Study We are renowned for our quality of teaching and have been awarded the highest grade in every national assessment. Research Our mission is to develop world-bitcoin defcon 2 research and translate its key aspects into areas of societal importance.

Industry We maintain successful relations with industry, with collaborations including projects, placements and internships. Professor Abbas Edalat The College has issued the following statement: “Professor Abbas Edalat is a valued colleague who has worked for Imperial College London since 1989. He is a Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics who has made many important academic contributions throughout his career. We are understandably concerned for his welfare following reports of his arrest in Iran and we are urgently seeking further information.

Text of a letter from the President to the Congress of the United States. There have been hints in the alternative media that a purge of the Deep State involved in crimes using the cover of the authority of the United States was in process. 4,000 indictments had been issued, waiting to be served. These are all clues as to the pertinence of Trumps National Emergency order, and clues are all you should expect to receive. We have stated that the Junta currently running the US government does not want their status pushed in the face of the American public. The US is not under Martial Law, per se, but the talking heads on TV would endlessly ramble on about who was in charge. My question is on regard an old myth, the Thunderbird.

Was it just a big bird? Is it still alive and flying around as many witnesses testify year after year? And now we even have a live video of a giant shadow flying by race cars on live TV show. Would the Zetas care to comment on this matter?

The legendary Thunderbird is real, but has been pushed to the brink of extinction by human development in many parts of its habitation. The bird is a cousin of the vultures, as drawings depict, and thus is not aggressive. It feeds on dead creatures, which can be found in the deserts of Southwest Texas and along shorelines where bodies of seals and whales and fish wash ashore. This looks like a major lean to me. Could the Zetas say something about this? As is known, the Magnetic North Pole has drifted from Northern Canada to a new position over Siberia. It has also been a staple of the daily Earth wobble that the Polar Push shoves against the Magnetic N Pole of Earth when the Earth’s rotation turns to face its Magnetic N Pole toward Nibiru.

Nibiru is currently pointing its Magnetic North Pole directly at the Earth, thus this Polar Push is intense. Thus where Siberia would normally be pushed away to where it would receive less sunlight, it is now facing the Sun more directly, thus warmer. Where the N American Continent would normally be where the Earth bounces back from the Polar Push, in a more southern latitude, it lingers near the Arctic where it has been positioned during the lean into opposition. The effects of the Polar Push have, temporarily, been reversed. I’m aware other inhabited planets, in physical-material frequency, go thru crises similar to Earth’s present crises. I’m aware some planets fail to navigate their crises successfully, such as Maldek, the current asteroid belt. What about planets, who do get thru pole changes and oligarchy overthrows successfully?

What can we learn from them? Is Sweden’s history of peaceful oligarch overthrow common or very rare? The Earth, at present, is a 3rd Density spiritual schoolhouse where young souls are allowed to experience a broad range of challenges. These young souls either grow toward empathy, becoming Service-to-Other, or fail to grow and like a newborn, remain in the Service-to-Self, centered on promoting and protecting the self. Have other schoolhouse worlds, those in 3rd Density, experienced Pole Shifts? Absolutely, though this is not the norm. Despite the sudden and horrific assault that a Pole Shift will bring to the Earth, each assault is no different, in essence, from what man experiences today.