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Bitcoin stock 2015 cvo

Bitcoin stock 2015 cvo for banking services both in fiat and cryptocurrencies. Investors can check the funds at the time of ICO on smart contract. Our fully licensed and legal bank is the heart of our ecosystem.

Bank accounts both in fiat and cryptocurrencies. All the other traditional banking services. Master Card with BTC and other major cryptocurrencies as the card currency. All the major technical analysis options. A wide range of financial instruments. Instant deposit and withdrawal options including ZODIAQ bank card.

Hedging by trading the index of 10 major cryptocurrencies to avoid significant rate changes of any specific pair. Our Artificial Intelligence system uses big data analysis and deep machine learning. We have anatomized successful strategies and scenarios to create a wide range of investment options in cryptocurrencies and related markets. The payment platform is implemented in two stages. At the first stage of implementation, our payment platform will be a bridge between existing banks and current payment services. For the second stage of implementation, ZODIAQ project will replace the banks, rather than simply become a payment platform.

Similar to your habitual bank cards. Easy and convenient – you can pay wherever you want and withdraw by ATMs. You can choose whether your card operates with your funds from fiat or crypto account. Switchable between them easily via mobile or web application. Functions as a cold wallet to store cryptocurrencies safely and conveniently. Bind your third parties bank cards.