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The yield curve at its flattest level since the Great Recession and the Fed is expected to hike rates up to four times in 2018. The Faster Payments evolution has been widely bitcoin tronox and eagerly anticipated. Some key solutions have launched, such as Same Day ACH, Zelle, and Real-Time Payments.

Many organizations continue to assess the applicability of each. Will these be the final result of this exciting initiative or will they serve as catalysts to future innovation that will continue to transform the payments landscape? The intent will be to teach a system to consistently evaluate these forms of risk. This session will discuss the major challenges and solutions confronting distributed ledger technology, accompanied by a look at the emerging Internet of Value and enterprise business cases moving from proof of concept to production. This session will focus on concrete comparison of various cash management products, and important ways investment strategies can be updated to reflect the new cash management environment. After money fund reform, corporate treasurers are faced with increasing choices in alternative investments from government money funds to bond funds to separate accounts. Investors will need to weigh various features of these investment products with their own cash management strategies and whether investment policies and cash segmentation strategies need to be re-evaluated.

Structuring cash and building a long-term strategy: what are industry trends for building a successful investment strategy? While these changes are happening, corporate treasurers are facing a host of other challenges impacting cash management, including low yields, bank regulations, and a shortage of supply. Staying abreast of these changes and strategically adapting are critical. Statements stretch dozens, sometimes hundreds, of pages. Yet this is how your company pays for banking services. Plus, overly complex or fragmented banking relationships, caused by previous acquisitions or simple neglect, result in excess costs, poor use of funds, ineffective services, fraud exposure and weak balance management. Proper support of a firm’s business objectives can be achieved through the proactive management of a company’s global cash positioning and forecasting.

Liquidity management is a core treasury function that provides knowledge for minimizing an enterprises operational risk through strategic working capital allocations. To succeed, Treasury requires insight into their functional working capital strategies through the unlocking of bank balances and the mobilization of intercompany cash. The role of treasurer was once well-defined and finite, often a voice of caution in even the most buccaneering corporations. But as the wider business world copes with the shock of rapid change, treasury must itself adapt and become more outward-looking and willing to take on manageable risk. Unfortunately, fraud in payments continues to be a very real and concerning problem. Paper checks are still a huge contributor to fraud but cybercriminals also lurk in the electronic alleyways, effectively plying their trade of separating businesses from their money.

Some methods of fraud can be creative, but most just take advantage of lack of oversight and gaps in processes. Many organizations have improved their payables processes, but is there more opportunity and time to re-examine? Payment options such as ACH and card are widely utilized, while additional digital payment options are expanding for the first time in decades. The migration of payments to faster and more efficient methods is an ongoing transformation exercise that each organization must continue to explore. Combined with the recent debit card regulations and network actions, understanding card payments becomes very difficult and cumbersome.