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A family-of-four who relied on Centrelink to get by claim they have turned their lives around and coin jar buy bitcoin now completely debt-free – all thanks to Bitcoin. Ryan Tate had been forced to jump between jobs across Western Australia to ensure his daughter could attend school and partner stay at home with their youngest child. The 39-year-old admits that for a long time he struggled as bills piled up and he had to rely heavily on Centrelink payments to supplement his income.

That was until September last year when Mr Tate began investing in Bitcoin. 2000 a day – with hopes of being a millionaire by the end of 2018. Just seven weeks after I started I was able to go part-time in my salesman job with a fitness company,’ Mr Tate said. I’ve got a young daughter and an older step-daughter and we were struggling big time financially surviving on just my wage plus Centrelink.

900, and now I have close to four bitcoin. Mr Tate, who is engaged to his partner Anna, said while some who invested in crypto currency wanted to ‘get rich quick’, his goal is completely different. Having been so poor that at times he was unable to afford a coffee, he fitness lover claims his past has brought a sense of perspective to his new found wealth. We’ve struggled so bad I was jumping from job to job every few months, from cray fishing to manual labour in the mines and fixing air conditioners in in the Pilbarra,’ Mr Tate said. I no longer need to work but I still do so two days a week in the same job I was doing before.