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To read eur cad tradingview bitcoin cad tradingview bitcoin short introduction to Bitcoin, click here. This is the most popular Bitcoin pair in the world.

Bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. USD pair quite popular among active traders and investors. The whales just continue to play their little games by squeezing leveraged short and long positions out of the market. Can’t play them, it’s just too easy. Maybe it’s time we retail traders stand together, combine our volume and use their own game against them.

Sorry for taking it so long as it took me quite a while to put everything altogether. The current situation of Bitcoin is quite difficult. We are on a clear treshold. A lot of traders are saying that we are on a clear downtrend, but the same amount of people are claiming that we will have our reversal soon. This article tries to sum up all important information you have to need! BTC is on the verge of breaking to a daily higher high on the bounce if the bulls can see a push this morning. To read a short introduction to Bitcoin, click here.

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Drop whether you like it or not, and no signs of bullish anymore, observation is required before you buy. BTC got overheated last year and exited the channel. In April it bounced off the support of that original channel and now it seems to struggle to pass the channel’s resistance. Will BTC simply continue in the original channel? We are climbing back up to a couple of key resistance areas, namely the 0. 1 chart by wolfe waves patern and fibonacci extentions 261.

We are now fighting big resistance and I am looking at a top at 7700-8000 then for a retrace down to fib 0. This is no financial advice, please do your own research. This could be the exit BTC is looking for. My telegram channel is online now, PM me if you’re interested to join our premium signals group. Short to long, the signs are here. If you do believe in BTC, go long when we hit next low structure. BTCEUR: Support and resistance lines converge – is it a flag?

Support and resistance lines converge – is it a flag? I found an interesting pattern in Bitcoin 0. There is an ascending support line and descending resistance line. I’ve been trading on them successfully right now, placing buy orders on the low support line and sell orders on the top resistance line, and it worked! Those lines were able to predict them very precisely! Too much resistance at this point, see also candle price action. BTC go through the red ellipse ?

If we can get some volume BTC should break out of it’s 2 week correction and hopefully start a new bullish trend. We’ve seen a bit of sideways movement over the last 2 days indicating a big move could be about to happen. Been holding this for a wile, HOPE bitcoin will continue follow my chart. BTCEUR: BTCEUR , TP3 hit with 1940139 profit. BTCEUR , TP3 hit with 1940139 profit. The price is in an up trend and we forecast the uptrend would continue. Price Action and expect to reach short-term targets.

74 0 0 1 0 35. Canadian Dollar is a very popular currency pair due to the extremely large amount of cross border trading that occurs between the U. The CAD is considered to be a commodity currency because of the large amount of natural resources, especially oil, that are mined and exported to southern neighbors. The USDCAD is one of the most traded currency pairs in the world. I have a bearish bias with the market since the price is above MAs 55 and 200. 2921 shows a strong level of support.