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Greetings and welcome to the Daily Blog on a Friday morning. Southern Maine remains in a cool weather pattern with today’s high reaching the mid 70s and holding that level through this coming Tuesday. After a cold and cloudy week, bright sunshine returns on Saturday that will enable another wave of coin photography. Timing is excellent as some exciting new purchases and the Upstate New York Collection consignment need to be imaged. Attempting to write an insightful Blog seven days a week is becoming challenging.

There are topic limitations as saying anything political is not wise given my conservative roots. Sharing selections from Seth Godin can be erratic as there are times when his posts are just not meaningful enough to quote and elaborate upon. What topics would you enjoy in the Daily Blog? I’m sure there are a wide range of numismatic questions on reader’s minds and sharing those with me, via email, may guide topic exploration. So please consider this request and have at it. I’ll try to address questions as best as possible throughout the quiet summer months.

Is This 1878-CC F-102 NGC AU55 CAC Liberty Seated Dime Over Priced? Within the past 48 hours, one of my earliest Liberty Seated dime purchases was posted to the GFRC price list. I bought this 1878-CC dime from Bob Levi during October 1989. After years of ownership, the piece was certified as an AU55, rightly so, and then approved by CAC. 1650, an asking price well about the PCGS price guide.

1878-CC F-102 Type 2 reverse is an R5 die variety. Most well struck examples will be from the F-101 Type 1 reverse die. 1650 appeared to be a fair number given combined die variety rarity and condition rarity. Just something to think about as I price my own Liberty Seated dime reference collection coins consistent with how consignor coins are priced. Working in the GFRC Maine office is great but there is nothing like attending a major coin show and interacting with customers and dealers. The upcoming Summer Baltimore show arrives in a little less than two weeks.