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Autopsy needed to verify cause of dead. This footage was recorded in a medical school class in South-America. The deceased died of heart failure. Notice the black color of guida guadagnare bitcoin diseased lungs caused by smoking.

As cigarette smoking is the major cause of lung cancer today, it is important to understand how it affects the lungs. Smoking causes lung cancer in two ways. First of all smoke inhalation damages the normal cleansing processes by which the lung protects itself from injury. When these changes have occurred, the lung can no longer keep itself clean. Consequently, cancer-producing agents in the cigarette smoke remain trapped in the mucus on the surface lining of the airway long enough to pass into the cells before these substances can be removed by coughing, the only cleansing mechanism which remains. Once within the body, these chemicals, or their products, can alter the nature of the cells slowly and progressively until cancer develops. Cigarette smoking is therefore a cancer-producing form of pollution in the inhaled air which possesses not only the ability to destroy the cleansing mechanism, but also dangerous, cancer-producing chemicals.

Other inhaled carcinogens will of course represent an additional hazard for the smoker once the effective cleansing function no longer protects the lung. The stomach tells what the last meal was. By removing the food it can be measured when someone died and what exactly he or she ate. The average adult stomach stretches to hold two to six pints of food following a meal.

The intestines are then opened over a sink under running water, so that all the feces and undigested food flow out. As one might imagine, this step is extremely malodorous. Basically, whichever individual has the least effective steely glare of disdain is stuck with running the gut. The stomach is then opened along its greater curvature.