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How to accept bitcoin payments

Receive all Bitcoinist news in Telegram! Canadian consumers can now purchase practically anything with Bitcoin instantly and at near-zero transaction fees after gift card merchant Coincards. The move makes Coincards the first major non-technical entity to accept How to accept bitcoin payments, the wide selection of gift cards available meaning even items on Amazon and Newegg can now be paid for using the technology.

Explaining the implementation, Coincards added it partnered with developers from BTCPay to facilitate client-side LN. We are extremely pleased to announce that thanks to the talented and driven team of BTCpay, Coincards. 25 gift card purchases using the Bitcoin Lightning Network! Lightning Network icon, and a QR code will appear on the bottom of the screen, which can be scanned in your payment wallet. Lightning Network is still in Beta.

Despite security and technical providence remaining a gray area, LN has enjoyed huge uptake from more technically-minded Bitcoin users. This has led to the first consumer-oriented apps and services already leave the experimental stage, among the first of which was Blockstream’s acceptance for products on its new webstore in January. As of April 10, LN mainnet boasted 1458 public nodes and 4713 channels, the node count having passed that of the Bitcoin Cash network to demonstrate continued belief in the currency-focused aspect of Bitcoin. Meanwhile a new 3D interactive visualization of the network is now available.

What do you think about Coincards’ support of Lightning Network purchases? Let us know in the comments below! US cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has recovered after a two-phase outage saw hackers launch a DDoS attack on its website. Back To Normal Operations’ Updates on the exchange’s dedicated incident log confirmed the attack lasted approximately two hours, beginning around 13:00 UTC. Japanese internet giant GMO has announced pre-orders for its B2 Bitcoin miner — the world’s first miner equipped with 7nm processing technology.

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