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London bitcoin machine

Which of the tournament’s 32 nations will reign london bitcoin machine? Donald Trump came after Michael Wolff? Did Bear Grylls just eat another maggot?

From aftershaves to moisturisers and beyond, here’s our pick of the best new grooming items. Gin’s world domination continues and it now has its very own ‘day’. Could music journalism’s new horizon be the longform podcast? London restaurant of the week: Ham.

Note these 15 names now because you’ll be wearing them in six months’ time. The top 10 new menswear items you need to own now. There are no Manchester United and Chelsea lunch tables, no hushed tones – they are one. Harry Styles and Gucci hook up for the brand’s latest campaign. With a growing openness to a second referendum, it’s time to face facts. THE PRUDENT INVESTOR: Why I’m ditching lousy fund managers who can’t even beat a robot!