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Mineria bitcoin asic block

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M9 1a8 8 0 1 0 0 16A8 8 0 0 0 9 1zm. I just want to know if it is useful to use these hardware instead of GPU mining and how to calculate breakeven point for them. That comes out to 43 cents per day per erupter, not counting the cost of electricity. Buying Block Erupters right now might break even over the next several months. Under ideal circumstances they might even make a few bucks. But with BFL cranking out monster ASICs it’s becoming a big players game. I guess you could mine other coins with this though?

But if any of those ever get more profitable than Bitcoin, the bigger buys running big ASICs move over too, crushing the profitability instantly. For anyone coming across this and wondering if USB miners are still profitable. But short answer is not anymore. Bitcoin mining has become a big game for big players.

Rather invest in big group buys, or convert to scrypt. You cant scrypt mine with the Bitcoin Asic miners, but just saying that if you want to mine are about to buy hardware rather look into scrypt mining with GPU’s. But there are other SHA512 coins, like namecoin, peercoin, devcoin, freicoin, terracoin. Also how sure are you that a block erupter can do “SHA512”.

Realizing I’m very tardy to this post, I’d like to throw out this update for those currently googling this question. Background: I purchased 4 erupters back in November 2013- just to run beside my 4x5970s and 3x7950s, it was an experiment and at the time I was pretty new to mining in general. Usage: 4-erupters with 92mm cooling fan and powered-USB hub. They’re super easy to use once you get the drivers set up and understand how to mine. 256, I can also run guiminer-scrypt or cgminer to hash out alt coins.

Conclusion: So is it all worth it? Based off of the current NMC exchange rate, my erupters have generated a total of 0. So after nearly 100 days of mining with the block erupters, I’m sitting at USD. Pretty much the only real hope is bitcoin going up in price, that is what I’m basing my mining on.

In the first instance you will have, 1x your money. In the second instance you will have the 1x plus you will still be generation more coins. It is all really a gamble on bitcoin going up. If it goes down the in either instance there is a loss.