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Philippe herlin bitcoin

Not representative of the final version. Philippe herlin bitcoin n’ drop functional blocks to create strategies whether simple or advanced.

Proof-test your strategies with back-testing real market data or sandbox simulation. Share your creations or use community-made strategies from the Kryll. Earn Krylls by sharing your strategies. Test as much as you want.

7 stage roadmap, spanning approximately 3 years that is summarized below. More information can be found in the Whitepaper. D Expert and entrepreneur, Luca is a crypto enthusiast, blockchain contributor and crypto trader for several years. After co-founding the game studio Moving Player 8 years ago, he co-founded Cryptense to fulfill his crypto passions. Philippe LONGEREAfter an academic background in France and California, Philippe felt into entrepreneurship 17 years ago, co-founding Moving Player and Cryptense with Luca. Crypto trader since 2016, he has developed several trading bots for himself or his friends use, but felt their reach could be much broader with the right platform at hand. Paul COLLORAFIPaul is a seasoned high-frequentation website owner and SEO consultant.

Entrepreneur since 2006, crypto trader and investor since the early days, his views and somehow frustrations felt at ease in the Kryll. Francis PRATFrancis has created unique visual identities for small to medium sized companies from Europe to South America. He will be responsible for the unique look and feel of the Kryll platform. Fabien MABONIn the Internet industry since the 1990s, Fabien has developed, deployed and maintained backends for high-volume streaming sites and several startups.