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Gas infrastructure construction company Rafako has signed an agreement with Gaz System for the construction of the Goleniów-Płoty section of the gas pipeline DN 700 Szczecin-Gdańsk, Rafako stated. The value of the contract is PLN 124. 9 million net, which equals to PLN 153. Polish grain silo producer Feerum has 39 active sofres factum bitcoin worth PLN 132.

9 million, with delivery date in 2018-2019, the company stated. WSE-listed TV and film producer ATM Group reported PLN 18. 14 million of consolidated net profit in Q1 2018, against PLN 3. 63 million recorded in Q1 2017, the company stated.

Operational profit stood at PLN 6. 55 million, compared to PLN 4. Games design studio 11 bit studios will replace Ursus in the mid-cap mWIG40 index and mWIG40TR after the June 15 session, WSE informed in a statement. The volume of goods transported by rail in April increased by 5. 4 million metric tonnes, the Rail transport Office informed. 3 million tonnes of cargo were transported by rail, while a year earlier the April volume stood at 17. The company is working towards reducing costs.

In 2017 extreme poverty rate was down at 4. 3 percent, a decrease of 0. The situation improved in particular in rural areas. Elektrobudowa Group lowered its net profit forecast to PLN 27. 3 million from PLN 46 million in 2018, the company said in a statement. According to the new outlook, Elektrobudowa SA’s net profit is to reach PLN 34.

Qumak filed an appeal against a court ruling ordering the company to pay PLN 8. 22 million along with statutory interest for delay, as well as costs of the trial and legal representation in the total amount of PLN 39,400. 1 million net profit in Q1, down by 25. This content is for Silver 6 months, Gold 1 Year and Bronze 2 weeks members only. It speculates on what may happen and tracks and develops Grant’s themes.

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Grant’s hosts semiannual investment conferences in New York. You must be a subscriber to access this content, please login or subscribe. Please be advised we are experiencing telephone problems and are unable to send or receive phone calls. Just skilled up for abotu the last 28days for my T2 Siege’s and went out to test the Rage torps out. Loaded up the raven with EM ones and went outside with a corp mate to see the damage. 347 pop up, my cruise missiles get more than that and my fury EM cruise gets about 477.

From what I’ve read here and elsewhere, Rage torps work better on larger targets — however if you fit a target painter or have someone in your gang with target painters, Rage torps shine against battleships. High quality pics of ALL EVE ships! You need target painters – Rage torps without painters on anything smaller than a carrier doess less damage than bog standard t1 gear. 0 resist against a BS painted my max like 1159 hp per torp.

With proper painting and webbing support rage torp ravens are monsters. 70KM vs dreads is a bit too. 3 painter “suddenly” gives you good dmg. Against a well painted BS they let you do similar dmg to a blasterthron at opt at any range. The big downside is either you run very little tank and paint or have to get a support ship. I fought a corp m8 in blasterthron with a rage raven packing painters.