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Originally published by The Tampa Tribune, tbo is now among the portfolio of brands powered by the Tampa Bay Times. Receive all Bitcoinist news in Telegram! What started out as a relatively quiet week ended in tragedy, as news of Mike Hearn abandoning Bitcoin sent the community into an uproar. Overall, the price declined by 15. Meanwhile, in the news, Bitcoin developer Peter Todd surprised the community when he revealed that he successfully completed a double spend attack against Coinbase. 10 from Coinbase and purchased Reddit gold for Jeremy Gardner of the Augur project.

440s range that Bitcoiners enjoyed for some time. Trading activity was remarkably flat for the majority of the day. On Tuesday, we reported on another development in the drama surrounding Theymos and his policies of censorship in the Bitcoin-related assets that he controls. Coinbase was reinstated on the Theymos-controlled Bitcoin. This reinstatement comes after the company was removed following an announcement that Coinbase planned to test BIP 101 — more commonly known as Bitcoin XT. 430s range that persisted for the entire day. 430s for most of the day.

However, during the evening hours, a massive price drop commenced. The price began dipping slightly at 5 PM, and by the end of the day the small decline turned into a massive selloff. This sudden decline can be attributed to former Core developer Mike Hearn’s dramatic exit from the Bitcoin community. This Hearn-induced selloff continued well into Friday, January 15. 43, and the price fell for the entirety of the day.