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Unicoin bitcoin

The Unicorn project is based on a collaborative platform for sharing and creating content about cryptocurrencies and other tokens. Launched unicoin bitcoin Beta on December 15, 2017, the project has currently garnered more than 6339 participants from around the globe. The opportunity for members to earn tokens by participating in the community will allow Bitcoin Unicorn to grow and improve.

Bitcoin Unicorn is forged by its members. Discover our community The strength of Bitcoin Unicorn’s community is through its involvement, interactions, and the quality of information and advice offered to members of the community. Bitcoin Unicorn is a new generation of cryptocurrency inspired by Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin while at the same time improving them. BTCUI pays homage to Bitcoin, affectionately known as the mother of Crypto. Bitcoin is now considered the “benchmark” and is the rule in which all other cryptocurrencies are measured against. More token supply equals less speculation which in turn offers more real world usage. BTCUI operates within the Ethereum Network.

This allows transactions to process faster and are more cost-effective. It is compatible with all ERC-20 wallets and has the added advantage of using the forum to represent a wallet that can be used to freely transact between members. This mechanism is now reserved mainly for a select portion of the population with access to powerful computers and hardware or companies specializing in mining farms. It focuses on our members ability to create smart content and the sharing of knowledge through quality topic creation.