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Click to run the downloaded file. By clicking to run this downloaded file you agree to the Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy Statement. A big honor to get the cover of SI. The 2017-18 season has been marred by the injuries of many high profile players and Pro-Bowlers, with many season ending injuries. An endlessly fun thought experiment in which 12 GMs – a slew of NFL execs, former real life NFL GMs, NFL scouts and sportwriters – took a crack at drafting from the entire roster All-time Greats. I loved digging around for old reference of the draft from before it became a TV extravaganza and instead was an analog coffee-fueled stress test in a hotel conference room.

This map catalogs a nationwide college football themed roadtrip catching 21 key matchups and rivalries along with some classic Americana over the course of 15 weeks. Some of college football’s best QB’s enjoying a little road trip themselves. Tega Cay, SC has decided to not offer tackle football to it’s younger participants due the risk of head trauma and injury and instead promotes flag football as a safer alternative. Felix White of the British band The Maccabees developed a love of baseball wile touring in the US, especially those ever lovable Metsies. I’m quite fond of them myself. Illustration for a story that posits the question: “Ten years ago it would have been easy to laugh off the question, but given the current climate, it’s about time to consider: What if football ceased to exist? If football does come to an end, would rugby rise to fill the void?

With pressure mounting due to ongoing concerns about CTE, the NFL is considering all options to improve safety. Full page illustration depicting the Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. The story detailed the complicated and intricate restructuring Kelly initiated to overhaul the team. Lance Armstrong raised millions of dollars to support cancer research and cancer awareness and helped save thousands of lives through his LIVESTRONG charity. But due to his involvement with doping he’s become  in many ways an underappreciated figure. Pete Rose’s long road to being reinstated to Major League Baseball and thereby his eligibility for election to the Hall of Fame. A piece about the generational divide of soccer fandom in Mexican-American families: the parents root for their native Mexico, while their children root for their native Team USA.

The NBA and it’s commissioner Adam Silver are trying to break into the potentially lucrative South American market, and have their sights set on Mexico. Part of series of large spot illustrations detailing the portrayal of sports in the media, and for this particular image in films. Part of series of large spot illustrations detailing the portrayal of sports in the media. This piece accompanied a story about the  biggest player in the world of boxing management and fight promotion, Al Haymon. The opener for a set of illos based on Ian Aldrich’s story “Leaf People”. A native New Englander, Ian took a bus tour of New England to see the tourist industry from the inside, and meet the folks who made his home turf into their destination. A map of the route featuring some of the various points of interest.

A group shot of the tour, with a little extra New England paraphernalia tossed in for good measure. The tour ended on the lovely coast of Maine accompanied by a little sunset glow before the return trip to Boston. Initially, this was just going to be a diagram but we decided to go ahead and animate it to show a bit more of the inner workings. The M44 is a devilishly simple little device. A series of two illustrations to accompany a story about bitcoin being the “Wild West” of e-currency. This piece was created for the “Blue Man World” Book by the Blue Man Group to celebrate their 25th Anniversary.

I thought these would be kind of fun to share the different final approaches for the piece. This job was a blast – though a slightly maddening one. Sam Brownback Budget veto, effectively ending Kansas’ supply-side economics experiment and raising income taxes. No Child Left Behind made schools worse. The new education act will help make them better, by moving much of the responsibility back to individual states.

Cover of the Sunday Review section for a story about the need to find happiness in yourself and the people around you, instead of endlessly seeking external fulfillment. Riches and honors, power and pleasure, have waited on my call, nor does any earthly blessing appear to have been wanting to my felicity. A spot for the Op-Ed page about the market crash and need for federal bailout. Gas Tax funding a slew of potential projects to alleviate the overstressed system.

I had fun doing these sketches – I love infrastructure! An illustrative synopsis of the magazine’s feature stories for their January 2016 issue. In so doing, the also keep middle class investors out of the potential tech money grab. This piece was created to accompany Elijah Wolfson’s argument about the declining state of American football. Wolfson argues that football has gone from being a good contact to sport to an incomprehensible mess of litigiously written rules which are eroding the core of the game. Slate A series of spots for the Slate Book Review. Book Review: Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore and Thomas J.