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X11 mining bitcoin talk

Receive all Bitcoinist news in Telegram! SHA-256 and X11 mining bitcoin talk coins, other than a few test runs of other algorithms.

The development and production of ASICs is not cheap and not as simple on many of the algorithms due to memory and other requirements. One of the first new ASICs to hit the market is the Baikal X11 miner which can mine DASH as well as other coins using this algorithm. 39 to 42 watts of power. Each miner is very small as well. The first thing you will notice is how small the Baikal is.

There is really not much to it. Plugging it in, you will need the proper DC plug to fit. For this one we used a PCIe to 2. The miner’s interface is robust, even including terminal support within the app. Baikal offers the images and basic start guides as well. One of the interesting and welcome aspects is the mining pool setup.